The Next: An Exhibition of the emerging artist

Sunil Raj Dhakal
Sunil Raj Dhakal February 4, 2024
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The walls of Takpa gallery, Lazimpat,  this time is covered with the artworks created by the group of young and emerging artists. They have created wide range of art-works ranging from sculptures, drawing, paintings, mixed-media and ceramics. The art-works being showcased are created by the students who are pursuing their studies at the 2 Universities of Nepal, The Tribhuvan University and the Kathmandu University. Some of them are the Graduates and yet some of them are still in the phase of studying.

Roshan Bhandari, the curator of the art-work for the show, says, ‘the artists showcasing their art-work this time at the gallery underwent a lot of hardship, as we selected the art-pieces on the basis of the nature of the work itself. This show also marks as an exhibition that provides a good opportunity for the emerging and budding artists.’ Regarding the further plans of the exhibition, the curator says, ‘ we intend to continue this kind of exhibition every year, so that new and emerging artists would get an opportunity to show-case their art-work in a public forum.’ Regarding the artists being selected, he further clarifies, ‘there is a stereotype going on that the young artists lack artistic visions, and in order to break this stereotype too, this exhibition is going to be an assets.’

Some of the brilliant works being presented in the exhibition include the ceramic art-work of Sumitra Baral, who is pursuing her studies at the Sirjana College of Fine Arts. Her work is entitled ‘Emotive Imprisonment’ where she presents the ceramic images of the human figures who seem to be contemplating on their own thoughts. ‘People always keep on thinking about their life and their dilemma and these sculptures are the means to show their way of contemplating’, she clarifies regarding her artwork.

The next interesting art-work being showcased in the exhibition is the art work made by Yugdas Manandhar. The work being presented is entitled ‘Starry Night over Kathmandu’, this art pieces reminds one of the famous art-work created by the Legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh, ‘The Starry Night’. Upon the inquiry regarding the inception of the idea behind this creation, Mr Bandari says, ‘ This is the concept the artist has regarding Kathmandu as on the background of the painting, one can see the blurred image of Kathmandu that is illuminated by the starry night sky.’

The Mix-media art-work made by one of the young artist, Nischal KC is also being presented at exhibition. This particular installation work is entitled ‘Contemplation’. Regarding the artwork, KC says, ‘My artworks heavily uses metaphors. For this particular installation, the metaphor of water serves as powerful thoughts and emotions that every human being possess, the moon represents the peacefulness and calmness whereas, the fishes are the metaphors of the small happiness that every human beings get during their life-time.’

The 23 artists being presented at the exhibition have worked in various themes such as the issue of identity, culture, new technologies etc. Their art-work is one of it’s kind and this exhibition can also serve as a vista from where the audience could explore how the new generation artists think and pursue their career as an artists.

This exhibition was held till the 4th of February 2024.

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