Edible Flowers in the Gallery

Sunil Raj Dhakal
Sunil Raj Dhakal February 25, 2024
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Currently, at the Takpa gallery, an exhibition showcases the distinctive artworks of artist Tenzin Gyurmey. What sets these pieces apart is their unconventional canvas: tarp sacks. Gyurmey’s innovation in utilizing tarp sacks as both canvas and medium has captivated audiences, marking a unique addition to the Nepali art scene. This unconventional approach serves as a valuable lesson for Nepalese artists, highlighting the potential for creativity even in resource-constrained environments.

In his artwork, Tenzin Gyurmey skillfully navigates real-life scenarios and ironies. Even the inclusion of flowers holds deeper significance, with some varieties like rhododendrons being not only visually appealing but also edible and possessing medicinal properties. Gyurmey’s artistic lens extends beyond mere observation, delving into the intricacies of everyday existence. Through his humorous and creative interpretations, viewers are not just passive observers but active participants in the narratives he weaves. Engaging with his paintings offers an immersive experience, wherein viewers visually connect with the stories he shares, enriching their understanding of the world around them.

The tarp sacks, according to the artist’s recollection, once contained essential food supplies provided by US Aid to Tibetan Refugees. After the consumption of these provisions, the sacks lingered in the camp for an extended period. This poignant memory harks back to the artist’s childhood spent in Kamrao Village, Himachal Pradesh, India.

In his paintings, Tenzin Gyurmey brings to life the sacred dreams and everyday realities experienced by the people of the village. From whimsical scenes like grannies heading to the swimming pool to the mundane struggles of village life, Gyurmey portrays them with a touch of humor. Through intricate details, he captures the small yet profound connections with family members and their shared struggle for survival. Viewers may find themselves pondering whether Gyurmey leads a simple, ordinary life like those he depicts, or if his unique perspective offers a different lens through which to view the world.

Regarding the exhibition, the artist expresses, “This showcase aims to reflect and revive the values of compassion and care in our everyday lives, prioritizing them over intellectualization and self-centeredness. It’s about embracing simplicity and being open to love and care in all its ordinary manifestations.”

The analogy of the ladder recurs throughout the artworks on display in the exhibition. When questioned about its frequent appearance, the artist explains, “The ladder is a metaphor I’ve long contemplated. As humans, we’re constantly urged to progress and ascend. It serves as a pathway away from the monotony of everyday life.”

Another captivating painting featured in the exhibition is titled “Gossip Mantra.” In this piece, the artist incorporates the eyes of family members, adorning them with their cherished thoughts and favorite flowers, bringing a unique depth to the portrayal.

Within the series of artworks, several paintings capture the artist’s fondness for superheroes during his upbringing. These heroes are portrayed in a diminutive size, emphasizing the importance of real-life moments and simple joys. The artist’s father, Tulku Troegyal, has been a steadfast supporter of his painting endeavors since the tender age of six. Each painting reflects the artist’s life experiences in a lighthearted and straightforward manner, imbued with humor and simplicity.

The exhibition will be held at the gallery until March 10th.


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